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Цветы для Элджернона

Цветы для Элджернона - Daniel Keyes,  Сергей Шаров Great book! It's part [Heart of a Dog], part [One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest] and part of [The Green Mile], taking better pieces from all of the book and mixing them together in unbelievable coctail of human emotions, real feelings and thoughts. Don't try to find anything fun in it, most likely you won't be satisfied. This is a book about one, who was born "broken" and tries to deal with that all his life. How far can one go, to change everything in a name of becoming normal? How it will affect him? Enjoy this book, it worth every minute I've spent listening.Great respect to a Russian translation reader Semen Yanishevsky (Янишевский Семен), who performed really well, delivering best quality of audiobook reading.