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Anna Dressed in Blood

Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake This is a pretty average (or little bit over average) urban fantasy story with youngsters, ghosts and woodoo magic inside. It's a bit like Dresden stories, but less mature and less detective. I switched from a Dresden files to this one pretty easy. Language is clean and easy, so it is light to follow the story even if you are not a native-English speaker. I did like characters in this book: the main guy - Theseus Cassius Lowood is straight-forward hero, who is hunting a ghosts around a world. He is responcive, good-looking and open-minded person, who tries to keep the world around intact of his actions. He is not building relationships while he lives, leaving nor friends, not broken-hearts behind. It's hard not to feel sympathy to him. The other characters - "Prom Queen Carmel", who is not so stupid as one's can expect, and cliched "Beloved Nerd" blend well into his team for course of this adventure, which is "kill a ghost". But it appears, that the ghost will be another protagonist in this book, because.. Because it's young adult fictions at least, which never can go as expected.Of course, nothing goes as expected. But anyway, this book worth reading. Being a bit naive, it delivers an unique cocktail of fear, sympathy and dreadful things mixed in right proportion. Not sure, I'll be chasing a new book in series, since I like a spot where it left before the prologue, but certainly, I would recommend it to any teens, who are asking me to advice any Urban Fantasy adventure.